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Jane Austen's Heroines
Which heroine are you?
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21st-Jul-2008 01:01 pm - Application

Name: Fanny
Gender: Female
Age : 24
Likes: art, literature, music, films, food, Scotland, languages, boys in kilt, writing, drawing, manga, letters, travelling, Italy
Dislikes: snakes, meat, violence, war, religion, narrow-mindedness
Describe yourself in 7 words: passionate, moody, quiet, enthusiastic, bookish, obsessed, affectionate
Favorites ( movies,music,T.V. shows): Death In Venice / Smashing Pumpkins / Black Books


Optimistic or pessimistic? a bit of both
Leader or follower? I do my own thing
Introvert or extrovert? introvert wishing I was an extrovert
Mature or immature? mature
Loud or quiet? quiet
Selfish or altruistic? both
Rude or polite? polite!

Traits, etc.

What do you consider to be your one very best trait and why? I always go forward in life. No matter what happens I strive to move on and encourage my loved ones to do the same.
And what do you think is your worst? I'm scared of many things, that holds me back.
If you could change one thing about yourself or your life, what would it be? I would make my family and friends move closer to me so I wouldn't miss them so much.
What element do you most identify with and why? fire, because I'm an all-or-nothing-at-all person and I work myself into crazy states of passion all the time!

Jane Austen

Which Jane Austen heroine is your least favorite and why? As hard as it is to choose one, I'd go for Catherine Morland: I adore her but she doesn't touch me as much as the others.

Which Jane Austen book is your favorite and why? 'Pride and prejudice' because it's perfect in all regards: the plot is clever, the characters are wonderful and the style is a masterpiece of precision and wit.

Which 1-3 Jane Austen/ Jane Austen inspired movies are your favorite and why? 'Sense and sensibility' by Ang lee as it was the film that introduced me to Austen in the first place and the actors are so excellent; the BBC adaptation of 'Pride and prejudice' because it's very comprehensive, well-done and well-acted; and 'Clueless' because it's an original take on 'Emma' and very good fun to watch.

Favorite Jane Austen couple and why? Obviously Elizabeth and Darcy, no point trying to be original here! Those 2 have everything going for them and the way their relationship develops is an absolute treat; I also love Marianne Dashwood and Colonel Brandon.

Anything else you would like to add? I'm re-reading 'Emma' just now. No matter how many times I read her novels, Austen always makes me feel wonderful.

Pictures or description : No pictures, sorry. I have medium-length brown hair and green eyes, I wear glasses, I'm of average size and weight and I have pale skin. I wear lots of black and red.
2nd-Jul-2008 04:07 am - Matchmaking Theme

1st-Jul-2008 03:06 pm - Matchmaking Theme!
 No end date. You don't need to be stamped in regular theme. I have less than 20% control over my computer so stamping is delayed :(
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Matchmaking Theme

21st-Jun-2008 02:51 pm - Mod Post
 People who need votes :

Jane - http://community.livejournal.com/austenheriones/1532.html#cutid1

Lizzie - http://community.livejournal.com/austenheriones/1917.html#cutid1

Barbara - http://community.livejournal.com/austenheriones/2819.html#cutid1

Ashley Erin - http://community.livejournal.com/austenheriones/3084.html#cutid1

Jae - http://community.livejournal.com/austenheriones/1087.html#cutid1

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21st-Jun-2008 05:10 pm - newbie!
Chuck, icon by hushedd
In keeping with all the Pushing Daisies icons, I give you Chuck! And I also give you my application!

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21st-Jun-2008 11:52 am(no subject)
Here is my application form filled out! :)

21st-Jun-2008 12:30 am - New Co-Mod and Links
</font></b></a>ladyelizabeth08</span>  is the new co-moderater and I've added links to some of our affliates
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